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Something Different Urbanna Virginia

(804) 758-8000

213 Virginia Street
Urbanna, Virginia

Events at Something Different

All music events are from 8pm to 11pm. No reservations.

January 24

Zen Mojo

Zen Mojo is a premier music act known for their groove infested remixes of songs from your favorite radio stations.

February 7

Sam McCoig

Indie pop singer/songwriter whose melodies and instrumentals break the norms of pop music. Sam’s unique vocal style and combination of multiple musical eras has defined his music as innovative yet approachable from listeners across the board.

February 21


March 20

Big Bad Lucy

Rock and Roll by order of Sir Frank

April 3

Michael Clark Band

One of the region's funkiest bands is in the house playing everything from Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Etta James, Prince, Chicago, Edgar Winter...