Something Different Urbanna Virginia

The Retail Side Is Open


Wednesday - Saturday
10am to 3pm

The retail side of Something Different is open, we have decided to focus on that for right now.

All your favorite take homes are available (minus ice cream).

Mike and Pete are still smoking all our meats, making all our sides, popular dressings, roasting coffee and of course Crystals desserts. As things progress, we will start adding things depending on the demand.

Please follow the link to our retail page where Crystal will keep everyone updated on all the exciting things happening over there.

You can also call 804-832-8341 to place orders.

Something Different is Closed

To our customers,

It is with an extremely heavy heart I inform you that Something Different has closed it's doors, permanently.

The world is seeing a crazy time, and there are so many businesses struggling. We are lucky to have had amazing, supportive customers who have kept business steady through it all. With a high volume comes a need for employees and unfortunately that seems to be an uphill battle. The staffing issue is being seen everywhere, and the stress that has been put on businesses since COVID started has been unimaginable. Small business cannot keep up with the rapidly growing wages, though they are deserved and needed.

Our staff have been absolutely amazing at covering what they can, putting in the hours, and pure dedication but I cannot continue to ask them to take the brunt of a world problem. I care deeply about our staff, and their families. I cannot be the cause of burnt out human beings and families with absent parents.

Our customers mean the world to us, in every way. Not only have you all been there with us and watched us grow, but we too have watched our customers and family’s grow.

We are thankful for our time and everything we have been able to do for this community. We are thankful for the connections we have made with so many of you. We are heartbroken, but cannot continue this way.

I find peace knowing that we are ending on a high note. Business is at its highest volume, reviews are at their highest, and our quality has remained homemade and top notch. We did not fail. Most importantly I find peace in knowing my dad (who was the creator of SD along with my mom and myself in 2001) would be so proud.

I want to take a minute to recognize a few of our longtime, dedicated employees, who have been the backbone of this business. Michael MacCargar- our pit master, the man who has been with us since the old location, maintaining consistency, bringing new recipes, and pure dedication—11 years

Taylor Lockley- you’ve seen her at just about every position in the restaurant over the years but most recently your favorite daytime server. She has been a pilar in this restaurant and I’m thankful for everything she has contributed to the success of our family business — 9 years (actually since she was 5)

Crystal Burch- our desert baker and retail manager, who not only mastered our family recipes but brought her own special touches and really made retail successful - 7 years

Pete and Tracy Foley- our addition pit master, and your favorite bartender. Your dedication and HARD work have been unmatched. -3 years

Tiffany Minarczyk- the most amazing food runner to ever grace the restaurant. You are going to be extremely successful in your nursing career! -6 years

Blake-7 yrs, Thomas-5 yrs, Lynn-3yrs- Our middle kitchen (line) crew that has cranked out some of the best meals you will ever have. Sara- 4yrs, Austin- 4yrs…….Rick, Samantha and Sanai (that come in any chance they have to help). And many more who deserve just as much recognition.

Lastly to my husband Anthony that has sacrificed so much of “us” since we started this. It was a huge struggle balancing marriage, family and the restaurant, but we managed to make it work.

With deep gratitude, THANK YOU.

-Sarah Gill Kimble